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Zero Trust Identity Platform and Cloud-Captive Portal use cases

Learn how Cloudi-Fi Identity Platform and Cloud Captive Portal helps global enterprises accelerate cloud migration while simplifying network operations and improving connected user experience anywhere

Controlling SSID proliferation for better Wi-Fi performance

Use case:
Why Wi-Fi network proliferation leads global organizations to reduce the number of SSIDs 


    • Decluttered WiFi spectrum, more bandwidth
    • Per user / device compliance history
    • ZTNA / firewall integrated Security profiles
    • Unlimited security profile granularity
   • Leverages corporate and social network identity providers.

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Seamless Microsoft Autopilot Users Onboarding with Cloudi-Fi

    • Reducing the time IT spends on deploying windows
    • Simplifying the onboarding process
    • Addressing security concerns through custom access policies
    • Efficient BYOD device deployment

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