UNEI now works with Cloudi-Fi to simplify its IT operations and ensure excellent user experience

UNEI now works with Cloudi-Fi to simplify its IT operations and ensure excellent user experience

UNEI today announced a collaboration to deploy a single secure internet access solution for guests in Spain to help the non-profit social enterprise apply a cloud-based approach to enhance compliance and security of the network while providing a better customer experience. 

UNEI is a non-profit social enterprise based in Spain. It aims to promote the employment of people with mental health issues and other disabilities. Over the past few decades, UNEI has become a leader in providing work-oriented services for people who are physically and mentally impaired. In Spain, they are operating a number of sports centres to improve disability inclusion. 

Cloud-based internet access solution

As a pioneer, UNEI has adopted the cloud-first strategy to address its business and IT needs. Being a 100% cloud-based solution, Cloudi-Fi helps UNEI fill the gap between the technology and its cloud-enabled transformation strategy. Integrated with UNEI’s Fortinet firewall, Cloudi-Fi solutions enable UNEI to easily manage guests’ internet connections on the cloud without installing any additional hardware.

All-in-one cloud captive portal for different use cases

Cloudi-Fi offers a unified solution that allows UNEI to manage its guest wifi in one captive portal. For one, UNEI is set to enhance its customer experience and provide compliant wifi connections for its customers at sports centers. For another, UNEI needs to get its guests and business partners connected at its office sites in a convenient and compliant manner. To address the connection issues in both use cases, Cloudi-Fi integrates all needs into one single cloud based captive portal that allows the enterprise to manage all connections easily. Meanwhile, three different authentication modes - social networks, email, and credentials - are enabled to cater to different types of users. 

UNEI can manage its guest wifi in one captive portal

Automated GDPR compliance 

GDPR compliance is a critical yet complicated challenge for enterprises. Cloudi-Fi has been committed to providing UNEI with an easy fix for GDPR compliance. Cloudi-Fi’s privacy-by-design solution helps the enterprise address data privacy requirements in a more intelligent and automated way. 

“We chose Cloudi-Fi because we look to the future and Cloudi-Fi is a sustainable and innovative solution that meets our users’ expectations. The team can assist us in our deployment in the whole country.”  Fernando Cárdenas Fernández, CTO.

Cloudi-Fi is committed to bringing a compliant and customizable captive portal with best-in-class services to help the enterprise manage their internet access with a single cloud-based solution. The integration of the Cloudi-Fi solution with the existing infrastructure is simple and easy - no additional hardware is required. Meanwhile, Cloudi-Fi ready-to-use cloud-based captive portal can be customized to address different business needs. Thanks to Cloudi-Fi’s advanced technology, complying with local regulations also becomes easy and intelligent - GDPR compliance is automated in Cloudi-F’s single solution. 

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