What we are looking for

Each person is unique. At Cloudi-Fi we believe that each individuality builds the DNA of the company. Beyond a company story, it is a team's journey. We stand today next to our values.


We enjoy working with people who are not formatted and still have creativity. We believe that each one is agile and is able to create its own knowledge. Limitless is the key word. We think that within each individual there is creativity and boldness. We want people to feel free in their projects. Going over our boundaries, it’s our day-to-day challenge!


At Cloudi-Fi, we make a point of having a work ethic. Indeed, each one is an important element in the production line. We are getting better all the time because everyone is committed to its projects and try to do its best for being part of this amazing adventure.


As the other values, being honorable is very important to us. We support each other for doing the best and not being limited, but we also appreciate humble people. People who are able to be objective and to question himself.