Manage your Internet access for guests with a next-generation captive portal

Don't plug, just connect

Repurpose the existing Internet connectivity.
Reuse existing hardware/software with a 100% cloud-based solution.

Peace of mind

Comply with any local regulations. Secure with security leaders.


International services.
Homogeneous user experience worldwide.

Shared value creation

Pay only on results.
Zero investment.
Dedicated team to assist your
digital transformation strategy.

Thanks to the cloud, we are free from any border!

60+ International customers
25K+ Hotspots in the world
100M+ Unique users

Easy and at scale deployment

Worldwide compliance!

Level of legal requirement

LOW: operators' (internet providers) obligations are weak or non-existent (log storage, registration or security obligations).

INTERMEDIARY: operators' obligations are strong (data storage, the retention period, the registration and security obligations).

HIGH: operators' obligations are restrictive: compliance is based on complex requirements (nature of the data to be retained, duration, transfer and disclosure, recording and reporting obligations).