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A human adventure above all
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We help organizations overcome technological limitations while leveraging the potential of the existing ecosystem

The Cloudi-Fi adventure began in 2015. Since the beginning, large multinationals have trusted us to carry out their projects. That is how our first mission of democratizing the WiFi took shape. Offering secure and quality Internet access for guests at an international scale is part of our DNA. However, in the context of digitization, limiting oneself to convenience does not make sense. The captive portal is, like any other tool or media, an additional communication channel for enterprises. Thus, everyday, we strive to meet the increasing needs of our customers: to have a relevant and homogenous omnichannel strategy. Through a process of continuous innovation in partnership with our customers we have built a unique platform.

Treasured values for Cloudi-Fi

Our R&D department works on a daily basis to improve the user experience of both end users and IT staff, in order to offer an ever more innovative and qualitative service.
We inform, in real time, about changes and updates of our technology. Cloudi-Fi will no longer hold any secrets for you!
Our Customer Success Team accompanies businesses, step by step, in the activation of Cloudi-Fi while adapting to the existing situation and requirements.


Our Marty & Doc, our Batman & Robin, or simply our two co-founders. Complementary,
we can't do without either of the them.

Damien Chastrette
Co-founder and CEO
William Miroux
Co-founder and CTO


François Devienne
Chief Innovation Officer
Julien Cabanès
Lead Developer
Romain Tête
Full stack Developer
Paul Vougny
Frontend Developer
Gwilherm-Alan Turpin
Backend Developer
Thinh Dinh
Solution Architect
Alexandre De Thomasson
Customer Success Manager
Mahfoud Amhiyen
Customer Success Engineer
Brendan Czerwonka
Customer Success Engineer
Faldou Diallo
Customer Success Engineer
Mathieu Nakache
Product Designer
Patrik Nilsson
DevOps Architect

Sales & Marketing

RJ Singh
Chief Revenue Officer
Eric Ingrand
Chief Growth Officer
Dhahbyah Charef
Head of Alliances & Partnership
Vanessa Pan
VP of Business Development
Jérome Guidou
Head of Sales Europe & APAC
Richard Marchegay
Sales Director
Shijie Xu
Project Manager
Valentin Valère
Growth Engineer


Mélissa Atienza
Global Chief People Officer