Globally compliant Cloud Captive Portal deployment

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A leading luxury fashion brand elevates in-store guest Wi-Fi experience thanks to Cloudi-Fi’s unique cloud-based captive portal solution

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A leading luxury fashion brand has taken steps to elevate the in-store guest Wi-Fi experience by implementing Cloudi-Fi cloud-based captive portal. The brand, known for its high-end fashion and accessories, has selected  Cloudi-Fi to provide Wi-Fi solutions for its stores, VIP rooms, and offices worldwide.

The decision to deploy to Cloudi-Fi's services came as the consequence of a successful proof of concept that allowed the brand to validate that the cloud-based services was tailored to meet its unique needs. The brand had faced challenges with its legacy solution, including scalability and security concerns. This prompted the search for a new service that would provide ease of use, scalability and compliance with local data privacy regulations.

"As a luxury brand, delivering a best-in-class shopping experience to our customers is of utmost importance. Cloudi-Fi solutions have improved this experience by providing fast and secure Wi-Fi connectivity and improving operational efficiency. Additionally, data privacy compliance and ease of management with the cloud-based solutions make Cloudi-Fi the perfect choice for our phygital in-store strategy. We are thrilled to have found a solution that aligns with our values and enhances the overall shopping experience for our customers."

Client Network & Telecom Manager

High-performing branded Wi-Fi captive portal: enhancing phygital experience 

Wi-Fi connectivity accessibility is key to deliver a seamless and enjoyable shopping experience for demanding luxury customers. Thanks to Cloudi-Fi's solutions, this sophisticated brand could offer fast and reliable internet access to all its in-store customers. The Cloudi-Fi captive portal enables customers to effortlessly share their shopping experiences on social media platforms, boosting brand awareness and driving sales. By providing a flawless connectivity experience, the brand can uphold its standards and offer its customers an optimal shopping experience.

Data privacy compliance: meet all regulations without additional legal work

Data privacy compliance is also a significant consideration for the brand. With Cloudi-Fi, the brand can confidently provide a seamless, secure internet experience for its guests worldwide while ensuring compliance with local regulations. Cloudi-Fi's advanced technology and localized Terms of use and privacy policies delivering a unique range of features that empower customers with control and transparency over their personal data, including the option to opt-in or opt-out of data collection. The brand can also monitor and audit all data collection and usage to ensure compliance with GDPR regulations.

Last but not least, personal data in transit and at rest are encrypted to protect customers’ personal information. Localized logs are retained to comply with local regulations. This is especially beneficial for global enterprises with locations worldwide, luxury retailers. It is particularly valuable for distributed organisations willing to build a digital user knowledge and proximity.

Cloud-based solutions: remote deployment and simple management

Cloudi-Fi's cloud-based solutions offer several unique benefits to multi-sites enterprises. It allows them to forget the hassle of on-premise infrastructure and complicated deployment processes. This is especially beneficial for global enterprises with large number of locations worldwide. As Cloudi-Fi's cloud-based Wi-Fi solutions can be remotely managed and configured, making it easy for IT staff to troubleshoot and make changes to the network from a central location. The Cloudi-Fi 100% cloud-based and infrastructure agnostic Wi-Fi solutions deliver unparalleled scalability, central control and global compliance to complex organizations.