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Learn how a leading global insurance company use Cloudi-Fi Authentication Platform across all its agencies to secure Guest, BYOD and IoT devices connecting its Guest Network

Use case:
- Secure Guest BYOD and IoT for a global insurance firm

- Untrusted IoT devices proliferation in over 3000 locations
- Identifying and authenticating untrusted devices
- Complex and costly legacy solution management

- All users and Devices Identified and Authenticated with one Admin
- Native integration with Orange Livebox Business and Zscaler
- Scalable Identification and Authentication platform
- Connectivity and associated security services
- Simplified network management
- Profiling and security policy applied to all untrusted devices
- True Zero Trust Wi-Fi Framework delivered in all locations

Cloudi-Fi IoT-Authentication Platform for a global enterprise

Navigating complex network security challenges

The leading global insurance firm opted for Cloudi-Fi SaaS Authentication platform to enhance the security of its complex Guest network inn all its locations (agencies and office campuses) worldwide. Cloudi-Fi Identification Platform can seamlessly integrate into the existing network infrastructure and efficiently manage various devices and users across multiple locations, providing a comprehensive, reliable and scalable Zero-Trust Wi-Fi security solution.

As unmanaged connected devices connecting to the corporate network increase exponentially, several critical security challenges emerged: unplanned visitors, time-limited consultants, smart offices connected objects such as printers, screens, cameras, and sensors.

To secure the firm’s vast network, they required a solution that could be natively integrated with the Orange Livebox Business connectivity solution. The solution shall also offer robust cloud-native security features, easy device onboarding, and management to all untrusted devices (Guest, BYOD, and IoT).

Empowering device Identification and Authentication at scale

Cloudi-Fi SaaS authentication platform integrates seamlessly with the Orange Livebox Business, eliminating the need for additional on-site hardware and offering a 100% cloud-based, Zero Trust Wi-Fi framework and authentication solution. With compliance spanning 100+ countries, Cloudi-Fi guarantees legal and technical adherence, including reliable web and firewall logs for all authenticated users and devices. Furthermore, the solution seamlessly integrates with the Zscaler cloud-based solutions for enhanced security, while supporting automated device onboarding based on user identity and device type. By offering untrusted devices centralized inventory management , Cloudi-Fi delivers full control over all users' and devices' Internet usage while ensuring corporate reputation protection by controlling untrusted device behavior and traffic, shielding them from potential reputation risks.

The Multifaceted Benefits of Cloudi-Fi's Authentication platform

The adoption of the Cloudi-Fi solution resulted in numerous benefits. As a fully cloud-based and globally compliant solution, Cloudi-Fi offers a scalable and centralized management platform securing all guests, BYOD, and IoT devices centrally while eliminating the need for additional hardware maintenance. Integrated with the Orange Livebox Business, Cloudi-Fi provides automated inventory management, global compliance in over 100 countries, and seamless untrusted device onboarding, ensuring consistent user experiences and simplified untrusted devices administration. With unique zero-touch integration with Zscaler ZIA, the enterprise can benefit from enhanced network security, ease of authentication, and tiered security levels tailored to user and device types.

Through Cloudi-Fi’s cloud-based networking and security platform, the global enterprise could navigate the complex challenges of global network security, compliance, and management across multiple locations.