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Empowering Zscaler with a compliant identity provider for untrusted users and devices

Zscaler secures enterprise cloud transformation to provide fast, secure, and direct access to both the open internet and SaaS apps — without appliances — no matter where users connect.

Cloudi-Fi is now an official Zscaler partner. The Cloudi-Fi partnership empowers Zscaler with a compliant identity provider for guests, visitors, BYOD, and IoT.

The joint solution centralizes and unifies untrusted user and device access management and completes the Zscaler experience around four main points:

  1. Compliance with local regulations (data privacy and internet provider regulations)
  2. Extension of the Zscaler authentication to all untrusted users and devices: guests, visitors, BYOD, and IoT
  3. Enhanced Wi-Fi access security with complete traffic visibility, control of guests, BYOD, and IoT, and specific Zscaler security policies per user profile and per IoT category for a complete SASE model
  4. Enriched user experience with device recognition for individualized content when returning to any site, a modern captive portal builder that only takes a few minutes, and multi-authentication capability

Please check the Cloudi-Fi's Knowledge Base for more information on the Zscaler integration

Zscaler Partner page here: Cloudi-Fi on Zscaler Technology Partners website