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100% cloud and open platform
Seamless deployment & management of
Internet access for guests

Fully brandable & responsive

Ready-to-use captive portal designed for specific verticals with totally customizable content and design.
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Log storage in local datacenter to comply with Internet providers’ national regulations. Transparent data collection with a dedicated captive portal where users have total control over their information. Automatic encryption of personal data (if any).
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No hardware - No physical limit
Deployed instantly and anywhere in the world.
Supported on most infrastructures: WiFi and SD-WAN.
Pay as you grow!


Partnership with security leaders. Authentication of the user into the security solutions allowing granular policies per user. Total control in the use of the network: URL filtering, content filtering, cloud firewall, quota and QOS.

Portals with innovative and specific functionalities, adapted to the needs of each organization.

Enterprise: secure & autonomous onboarding, event management

Retail & Brand: couponing, phygital loyalty program

Finance: mobile app authentication, legal assistance

Hotel: room management, local marketing

Restaurant: cash register connection, digital shared payment

Healthcare: Internet access monetization, hospital room services

Education: surveys, campus services

Transport: ad-exchange, personalized real-time information

5 ways to connect guests.
Give autonomy to whoever you want

Visitor Initiated

Visitors can request internet access using either their favorite social network, email, mobile or sponsor.

Employee Initiated

Employees create guest credentials and send them to their visitors before they come on site.

Lobby Administrator

Receptionists can easily create guest credentials for onboard visitors.

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Give access to employees with their personal devices. For a seamless experience add corporate directory connectivity with SAML/LDAP/Google/Azure/AD.


Automate the onboarding process with a legacy solution. Cloudi-Fi's API is easy to use to create credentials directly from the guest management system.

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Brandable captive portals

Built-in captive portal module. Fine-tune the design to match with the brand codes.

No additional fees
Create the ideal captive portal with no additional cost.

The Creative Lab advises you on the best practices for a better user experience if requested.