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What does Cloudi-Fi’s security mean?

A rich and unique set of security features are available Worldwide and delivered from the cloud. This allows total control of the use of the network: URL filtering, content filtering, cloud firewall, quota and QOS. Cloudi-Fi gives enterprises the autonomy to control their liability and brand image, but also to save money.
Cloudi-Fi partners with a set of certified partners to offer the most suitable security solution. By associating the user identity collected through the Cloudi-Fi captive portal, granular policies can be configured per users profile.

How does Cloudi-Fi comply with local regulations?

Thanks to Cloudi-Fi technology, deploy a single secure Internet access solution for guests worldwide, while complying with local regulations. As each country has its own particularities, Cloudi-Fi legal experts regularly review the laws in force in each continent to allow businesses to carry out their phygital transformation with complete peace of mind. We then inspect the laws on the protection of personal data as well as the requirements based on the International Service Providers (ISP), which leads us to the following analysis below.

Worlwide compliance !

Worldmap compliance

Level of legal requirement

  • LOW: operators' (internet providers) obligations are weak or non-existent (log storage, registration or security obligations).
  • INTERMEDIARY: operators' obligations are strong (data storage, the retention period, the registration and security obligations).
  • HIGH: operators' obligations are restrictive: compliance is based on complex requirements (nature of the data to be retained, duration, transfer and disclosure, recording and reporting obligations).