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Cloudi-Fi Wi-Fi captive portal selected by TotalEnergies to power, automate and simplify guests and contractors Wi-Fi authentication onboarding

Cloudi-Fi is proud to share that its unique 100% cloud-based captive portal solution has been selected by TotalEnergies to improve guest Wi-Fi authentication and user experience for all guests and contractors. TotalEnergies is a leading multi-energy company that produces and markets energies globally. The company has more than 100,000 employees and works actively in more than 130 countries. In 2017, TotalEnergies initiated the “IT Foundations” program and started to look for a SaaS solution to replace their on-premises infrastructure, which became obsolete and hard to maintain. Cloudi-Fi captive portal solution enables seamless deployment and management of all guests’ internet access from one central administration interface.

"Cloudi-Fi is definitely an expert in what they are selling. They understand our complex requirements and pain points. Sometimes, they can even provide advice on problems beyond their scope of work. Cloudi-Fi’s unique and innovative solution helped us simplify our guest wifi authentication process. Their team is very responsive to our needs. I appreciate their professionalism and agility"

Patrick Lecadet, Security Engineer at TotalEnergies

Cloudi-Fi guest wifi traffic architecture TotalEnergies
Cloudi-Fi guest Wi-Fi traffic architecture TotalEnergies
TotalEnergies office

Simple, autonomous, and secure Wi-Fi captive portal management

Cloudi-Fi captive portal solution eliminates manual approval processes and enables automatic secure authentication as users’ login will be approved instantly right after registration steps are completed. Multiple authentication modes are available for varying user types, including email self-verification for temporary visitors and sponsor-based authentication for long-term contractors. Cloudi-Fi’s Wi-Fi captive portal's latest version offers native customization features to improve autonomy and flexibility for guests and solution administrators in charge. Administrators are fully autonomous in updating their Wi-Fi captive portal branding, legal assets, and onboarding options, simplifying the modification process and saving time and effort for the team in charge.

TotalEnergies Captive Portal
TotalEnergies Captive Portal

Captive portal all-in-one solution

Securing internet access and guest Wi-Fi authentication for different user profiles and requirements can be challenging for global organizations. Internet access control includes many verticals, such as duration/time, resource type, and security policy. Cloudi-Fi allows TotalEnergies to address all these complex requirements while managing different traffic with one solution, simplifying network administration without compromising security.

Cloudi-Fi native integration with Zscaler ZIA and Cisco

Easy and seamless integration

Thanks to Cloudi-Fi native integration with Zscaler ZIA and Cisco, the connection with TotalEnergies’ existing ecosystem was rapid, transparent, and seamless. The Cloudi-Fi solution can be configured on Zscaler ZIA and deployed on Cisco access points. No additional hardware or software is required to enable the Cloudi-Fi captive portal solution. TotalEnergies can maintain its existing infrastructure while enjoying the multiple benefits provided by Cloudi-Fi.