Cloudi-Facts #2 - How reopening stores has already impacted global economies?

Cloudi-Facts #2 - How reopening stores has already impacted global economies?

Last week we gathered unique data to have a global overview regarding the situation of the pandemic and its impact on the businesses all around the world. In our first report we have noticed a quick recovery of the activities in most regions which made us think of a new upcoming era in the following weeks and post Covid19: the new normal.

But what happened afterwards? Did it continue to increase?

Let’s discover together the new data retrieved from our analysis from the last two weeks.

Update on the global situation of the world

According to a report published by the Financial Times, different countries severely impacted by the pandemic such as France, Spain and the United States have begun to ease the lockdown measures which were implemented to prevent the spread of Covid-19. These announcements represented a huge relief for many industries which were struggling to survive during the pandemic such as retail, restaurant, hospitality…

Indeed, the “new normal” will need to be prepared ahead as businesses are already rushing to set important safety measures to protect both their employees and their customers and therefore revive their activity.

The figures that we have analysed last week proved the beginning of a revival for several economies in the world after the reopening of stores, let’s see how the trend is evolving few weeks later.

Week 21: what’s new?

In the graph below, we have added data from Week 20 and 21 to compare the evolution of the pandemic impact on businesses compared to last week’s analysis.

Here, we can notice from Week 20 that businesses are fighting back and are climbing gradually thanks to the deconfinement especially in Europe and the US. Last week, Europe was at 34 and two weeks later it reached 47 which gives some hope for the upcoming weeks. If we take the example of the most impacted countries in Europe, Italy and France proceeded with the release of lockdown and started reopening non-essential stores, Spain implemented more flexible measures and Germany was "the first big country to open smaller shops and car showrooms” since last month.

Other countries that are already adopting the “new normal” way of life are clearly getting closer to 100 and won’t take too long to reach it in the following months. Both Asia and Oceania passed the 50 mark and therefore should represent a sign of hope for the other regions.

NB: The 100 base refers to the average store traffic for each continent

The current analysis clearly shows that the reopening of stores and businesses has an outstanding impact to reboot the economies in the world. If the trend remains as encouraging as it is today, it won’t take too long to get closer to 100. All regions today reached their highest point since the beginning of the pandemic and this trend should keep increasing in the following weeks.

Don’t miss our upcoming report next week to get the latest updates about the situation of businesses in this new era.

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