Cloudi-Facts #1 - How going back to the "new normal” will shape our businesses?

Cloudi-Facts #1 - How going back to the "new normal” will shape our businesses?

Covid-19 has hit mankind hard and lockdowns of half of the population has struck the economy globally. Despite previous historical crises, this pandemic is a unique event in our era and needs to be understood distinctly.

Will we be back to the world we have known or to a worst or better world? After the reopening of schools, offices and stores, will people eventually go back to them?

While no one can forecast how long the path to recovery will take, we can use our datas to understand where we stand. Therefore, we will share weekly datas from all over the world categorized by continent and compared to a base of 100 as established in January.

Cloudi-Fi: an analytical tool for your business

Cloudi-Fi is delivering its cloud based guest WiFi services in tens of thousand locations anywhere in the world for global corporations and local stores for millions of daily users (before Covid-19). Moreover, Cloudi-Fi is used in any location requiring a secured Internet access for its guests: office, store, smart city, hospital, hotel, restaurant, etc..

Therefore, our solution has a unique set of datas to measure if people are coming back to their usual habits which we will use to forecast their behaviour in the upcoming weeks after the reopening of the different business all over the world.

Overview of the global impact of Covid-19 on businesses

The following graph represents the business impact of the pandemic between Week 5 (27th of January) and Week 19 (4th of May) in the different regions of the world. It is calculated in a base of 100 which represents the level of store traffic and authentication of visitors.

As we can see, the base of 100 and beyond represents the period before the spread of Covid-19 in the world and where the situation of businesses was still healthy. However, we can notice that from Week 8, it was the beginning of the shift of businesses towards a downward trend due to the apparition of the first cases of Coronavirus and the spread of the pandemic in some countries such as France, Italy, Spain, South Korea, Japan and some regions in the Middle East and Africa.

Few weeks later, around end of March, almost all the regions of the world reached their worst peak as the lockdown was already effective in several countries and many stores and offices were already closed.

However there is still hope for businesses as few of them started reopening in some countries like Hong Kong from Week 15 and continues up to now to increase in the other regions of the world.

Today, the highest point (42) is for Asia and Oceania, but we can see that Europe and Africa are climbing step by step to save their businesses.

What is next?

After analyzing the previous graph, the question that you may ask yourself is: Will we be able to reach 100 again? If yes, in how many weeks?

Last week’s trend, the latest reopening of stores and the end of lockdown in many countries represent a new opportunity of businesses who will need nevertheless to adapt to the "new normal" and respect different safety instructions.

Don’t miss our upcoming report next week to get the latest updates about the situation of businesses in this new era.

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