Top sessions not to miss during Zscaler Zenith Live 2023 in Berlin!

Top sessions not to miss during Zscaler Zenith Live 2023 in Berlin!

Zscaler Zenith Live— This year's most exciting Cyber security event is back in Europe!
This blog post highly anticipated event brings together cybersecurity experts, industry pioneers, and tech enthusiasts under one roof for a unique learning experience. Featuring thought-provoking sessions, transformative insights on zero trust, and a wide range of interactive training with certifications, Zscaler Zenith Live 2023 at the Intercontinental Hotel in Berlin promises to be impactful for anyone eager to explore the frontiers of cloud security. With a line-up of several discussion panels to attend at Zenith Live 2023, here’s a list of the top sessions you shouldn’t miss so you can come back to the office with invaluable knowledge to action and navigate the cybersecurity space.

1. Zscaler CEO Keynote: Securing the Enterprise with Zero Trust for All— Users, Customers, Workloads, IoT/OT

While cloud adoption is revolutionizing the way businesses operate in today's digital landscape, it’s crucial to ensure the safety of users, workloads, IoT/OT devices, and B2B customers in an ever-evolving security market. Learn how to reduce business risks, reduce costs, and complexity by joining Zscaler’s esteemed CEO, Chairman, and Founder, Jay Chaudhry, and other special guests as they shed light on the latest innovations that empower enterprises to transform their networks and security into robust zero-trust architecture. This session will hold between 08:30-09:25 CET on Wednesday, June 28.

Presented by Jay Chaudhry, CEO, chairman and founder at Zscaler, Punit Minocha, EVP Business and Corporate Development, Vaishali Ghiya, VP Technical Sales at Equinix and Cyril Voisin, Chief Security Advisor at Microsoft

2. Innovation Keynote 3: Extending Zero Trust Connectivity

Learn how to mitigate browser-based attacks with zero trust by ensuring secure internet access for cloud workloads, establishing secure workload communications through segmentation, implementing zero trust branch and IoT/OT connectivity, leveraging ZDX for faster service desk resolutions, and utilizing the Incident Dashboard to resolve ISP issues promptly.
The session will be hosted 8:30 am - 9:25 am CET on Thursday, June 29.

Presented by: Dhawal Sharma, SVP Product Management at Zscaler, Brian Lazear, VP Product Management at Zscaler, Naresh Kumar, VP Product Management at Zscaler and Javier Rodriguez Dir Product Management at Zscaler

3. Customer Journey: Delivering Business Outcomes with a Phased Transformation journey 

Learn how two seasoned CXOs have led their organizations through secure digital transformation, including the considerations they applied at each phase of the journey, from architecture to technology and change management. Gain best practices and lessons learned to accelerate your own path to a zero-trust architecture.
This session will be presented by Mr Wolfgang Schubert VP, IT Infrastructure Siemens Energy, and Dusan Vignjevic Head of Threat Intelligence Siemens Energy 

4. Expert-Led Training Sessions with Certifications

During Zscaler Zenith Live conference in Berlin, you can join exclusive expert-led training sessions and get certified. Develop practical skills, optimize Zscaler features, and learn to secure users, workloads, and data while ensuring a seamless user experience. Explore key topics such as Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange, securing access, locking down application data, preventing data exfiltration, and enhancing security with Zscaler Digital Experience (ZDX). Equip yourself or your team to tackle modern threats.

5. Guest Speaker: "The Geopolitics of Cybersecurity and Why it Matters to You"

By Misha Glenny: Security and Geopolitics expert 

Since the Ukraine invasion, the Kremlin has allowed threat actors based in Russian territory to hit targets around the world. With the help of allies and its own defenses, Ukraine has warded off thousands of recent attacks. However, profits from ransomware campaigns on Western universities, healthcare, city administrations, and businesses have skyrocketed. As the barriers to entry for cybercriminals and intelligence services get ever lower, more people and businesses are getting caught in the middle. In his riveting talk, Misha Glenny describes how and why this happening—and what you and your company can do about it.

Join Cloudi-Fi at Zscaler Zenith Live Berlin 2023 for Live Guest, BYOD and IoT Authentication demos - Booth G2

Live demos Guest, BYOD and IoT identification and Authentication with our unique Zscaler ZIA Zero Touch provisioning feature.

Please note that the sessions highlighted above are merely a glimpse of what awaits you. Make sure you check the full agenda here and organize your agenda so you get the most out of this extremely rich and engaging program at Zscaler Zenith Live Berlin 2023, prepare yourself, and join us to discover the latest cybersecurity trends, connect with industry peers, and expand your knowledge! 

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