Authenticate Guest, BYOD, and IoT at scale with Zscaler ZIA

Authenticate Guest, BYOD, and IoT at scale with Zscaler ZIA

Today, modern enterprises face the daunting challenge of managing an immense volume of traffic, authenticating and securing a constantly growing number of remote devices (IoT proliferation). In this environment, Cloudi-Fi ensures uninterrupted and secure access to the Internet with plug-and-play, cloud-based, compliant, and highly scalable authentication solutions.

IOT proliferation in 2023

Prior to Cloudi-Fi’s on-demand authentication gateway, the major focus of existing solutions was to secure corporate managed networks and devices; however, guest, BYOD, and IoT devices were not onboarded, authenticated, and secured. 

Cloudi-Fi Authentication Platform was developed to close that gap by offering a 100% cloud-based, plug-and-play solution to onboard, authenticate, and monitor untrusted devices.

How does Cloudi-Fi on-demand authentication gateway work?


Cloudi-Fi’s Zero-touch integration within Zscaler ZIA offers a simple yet robust solution to authenticate and secure untrusted devices. The Cloudi-Fi's Authentication Platform facilitate authentication for multi-site enterprises using Zscaler ZIA and seeking seamless management, global compliance, scalability, and enhanced zero-trust security. The solution offers a plug-and-play experience to Zscaler customers who can now activate Cloudi-Fi in a few minutes. You can learn more about Cloudi-Fi native integration within Zscaler ZIA from this link. 

Next week in Vegas (and later this month in Berlin), we will run live demo of IoT device seamless onboarding into cloudi-Fi authentication platform and would be delighted to welcome you to our Booth (G7).

Alternatively, Damien Chastrette our CEO and co-founder and Vanessa Pan, VP business development North America will run a live presentation on Thursday, 15 June, at 10:40 a.m in the exhibition hall partner stage during the Zscaler Zenith Live 2023 Conference

Join us at booth G7 for a Live demo!

Our journey to sponsor Zscaler Zenith Live 2023? 

Cloudi-Fi common vision with Zscaler about the required shift of the security market to the cloud is deeply rooted in its DNA. This is one of the reasons why more than 50 Zscaler customers, including Siemens, Goldman Sachs, AXA, or McKesson, selected Cloudi-Fi native integration into Zscaler ZIA to benefit from a scalable solution to secure the entire scope of untrusted devices and transform unauthenticated traffic into authenticated traffic. 

Connecting untrusted devices can result in devastating consequences for enterprises. We can immediately think of costly downtime, compromised data integrity, and disruptions to critical business operations. Enterprises are now adopting local internet breakouts with SD-WAN and Wi-Fi, leading to discussions about their costly and inefficient legacy system architecture.

To answer these challenges and better identify and authenticating untrusted connected devices, Cloudi-Fi developed the very first “on-demand authentication,” transforming unauthenticated traffic into authenticated traffic within Zscaler. The Cloudi-Fi Authentication Platform offers multiple authentication modes for guests, users, and employees (BYOD) — SMS, email, corporate directory or social networks, and more —  and, more recently, enriching the onboarding, profiling framework to better manage and secure IoT devices. 

IoT authentication with Cloudi-Fi and Zscaler

Guest Wi-Fi is the last mile in enterprise security infrastructure and Cloudi-Fi covers that very last mile by offering a plug-and-play, scalable, and infrastructure-agnostic on-demand authentication gateway to secure the entire scope of untrusted devices.

"Global customers’ desire to consolidate IT and Network Security gave birth to Zscaler Cloud. The same customers’ need to authenticate and identify users and devices in the WiFi infrastructure gave birth to Cloudi-Fi. The combined solution completes the cloud-security framework for our joint customers." says RJ Singh, Chief Revenue Officer at Cloudi-Fi and ex-Zscaler Director of Sales

Cloudi-Fi’s continuous efforts over the last years in integrating its solution with Zscaler ZIA to offer a Zero-Touch provisioning authentication service for all Zscaler Internet Access (ZIA) users led to our partnership as Identity and Access Management (IAM) Partner officialized early 2023. Cloudi-Fi authentication solutions were already implemented by over 50 global enterprises.

If you are visiting ZenithLive23, make sure you join our team at Booth G7 and stand a chance to win a unique Luxury Audio Tech! 

We can’t wait to see you!

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