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Cloudi-Fi completes access security in the SD-WAN journey

Performant and local Internet connectivity is key in today’s enterprises cloud adoption.

With SD-WAN migration, companies can use their local Internet access, often more efficient and less expensive, to connect more ressources to cloud applications.

Among them are the rising of the untrusted users and devices. And the consequent challenge to secure them while their management is still hosted centrally, with limited and legacy solutions (dedicated hardware solutions, NAC, controllers …).

Cloudi-Fi’s solution takes care of managing untrusted users and devices.

The solution is 100% cloud and avoids to keep a  dedicated solution centrally, resulting in a reduction of costs, a simplification of IT operations, while being aligned with enterprises cloud adoption.

Cloudi-Fi also protects organization’s reputation by maintaining compliance with local regulations and data privacy.

The solution uniquely addresses security with users and devices authentication and control. Our certified integrations with the main SD-WAN leaders also allows implement security policies at the access for a Zero Trust strategy.

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