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Cloudi-Fi manages IoT security

As enterprises are embarking on their digital journey, the number of devices on the enterprise networks is exploding. Among them are a rising number of untrusted devices: IoT, BYOD, guest devices. A Gartner Research predicts there will be over 25 billion connected IoT devices by the end of 2022, more than the double of 2021. One noticeable game changer is the need for those autonomous devices to have Internet access to operate. This exposes organizations to IoT security and compliance risks. 1.5 billion IoT attacks occurred in the first half of 2021.

Cloudi-Fi’s solution takes care of managing untrusted devices access, security and compliance.
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IoT Lifecycle

Cloudi-Fi takes into account IoT’s nature to answer their security challenges.

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IoT are deployed by facilities or networking teams and are often invisible to security teams. Yet IoT are subject to increased cybersecurity risks and a corrupted IoT not only fails to function, but can also damage a company's image depending on how it is used on the Internet. Considering IoT's access to Internet from a security posture rather than from a local network access is critical.

Cloudi-Fi’s solution controls access of IoT assets and automates IoT security rules accordingly. The solution provides a unified, global and cloud-based untrusted devices and users monitoring, allowing CISO a holistic control combined with a Zero Trust strategy.

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Security starts with the ability to properly identify the ressource before applying security policies. The lack of IoT devices visibility by security solutions prevents setting appropriate security guidelines and policies.

Cloudi-Fi’s solution provides discovery, identification and classification of all IoT devices in line with a Zero Trust strategy.

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IoT devices require continuous and real time control to mitigate security risks. However the number and complexity of data to take into account requires the use of IA to deliver swift responses.

Cloudi-Fi uses a machine learning based on device data, Internet traffic and global traffic.

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IoT devices access should be limited to specific and identified ressources. Implementing least access controls is key here.

Cloudi-Fi’s access control allows the creation of IoT-specific security policies in partnership with security leaders.

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