Cloudi-Fi and Zscaler work together to authenticate guests, BYOD, and IoT devices, enabling Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) by design!

Cloudi-Fi and Zscaler work together to authenticate guests, BYOD, and IoT devices, enabling Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) by design!

What if securely and reliably identifying guests, BYOD, and IoT were as easy as closing your home’s front door? Well, Santa may have heard your wishes! Cloudi-Fi cloud-based captive portal is now the only identity and access management Zscaler partner with native integration in the Zscaler platform! This is an important step for Cloudi-Fi and our customers to now be able to officialize this partnership after many years of close collaboration.

This article will explore how Cloudi-Fi and Zscaler can now enable authentication for guests, BYOD, and IoT devices. We’ll also discuss how this is integrated in the Zscaler platform, the key features offered to deliver a cutting edge user experience for businesses campuses and retail locations.

How does it work?

Cloudi-Fi’s unique native integration into Zscaler offers swift deployment, scalability, centralized management, and customization options for businesses and organizations looking to provide a secure access to internet. One of its key features is that the Cloudi-Fi cloud captive portal provides a unique entry point to authenticate and secure internet access for all users: Guest, IoT, and BYOD. You can read about real world examples on our success story pages here.

A cloud captive portal can serves as a secure gateway for users to access the internet, easily customizable by the business to push specific context based informations. For example, some of our customers use the Cloudi-Fi captive portal to push special offers, coupons or paid Wi-Fi options.

Diagram showing Zscaler integration with Cloudi-Fi captive portal
Zscaler integration with Cloudi-Fi captive portal

Zscaler: The leading Cloud-based security platform

Zscaler’s is a leading cloud-based security platform that provides enterprises with secure worldwide access to applications, data, and devices. Zscaler uses a global network of data centers to ensure fast and secure connectivity and offers a range of functionalities to protect against threats and vulnerabilities.

Zscaler tenant and Cloudi-Fi Identity and Access Management (#IAM) integration

A Zscaler tenant is a logical group within the Zscaler platform representing a customer or organization. It provides a separate and isolated environment for the customer’s users, applications, and data. 

Cloudi-Fi allows a unique entry point wireless hotspot network using existing internet connections. These connections can be configured to require users to authenticate with their identity and access management (IAM) credentials before being granted access to the network. Cloud-Fi authentication unique gateway ensures that only authorized users have access to the network and provide a central point for managing and tracking user access.

It can offer personalized user onboarding and security by providing customized login pages, role-based access control, two-factor authentication, focusing on ensuring that access to these resources is secure and compliant.

Enable Cloudi-Fi at Zscaler locations with the API

Uncovering guests and BYOD can be done using Cloudi-Fi and Zscaler

Businesses can quickly deploy and manage Guest internet access at multiple locations, ensuring that traffic is secured and compliant with relevant regulations and standards. This is made possible through our integration within the Zscaler API, which enables businesses to customize their guest and employee internet access experience based on their specific needs and requirements.

Damien Chastrette co-founder and CEO at Cloudi-Fi explains that "one of the key benefits of using Cloud-Fi and Zscaler together is enabling Cloudi-Fi at specific locations or sub-locations with the unique Zscaler API native integration". 

This allows businesses to tailor authentication requirements, process and experiences to the particular needs of each location, ensuring that users have a convenient and user-friendly experience while maintaining the necessary level of security and compliance. It is also possible to enable specific security policies per user profile; offering optimal combination for managing and securing securing network accesses for offices campuses, retail locations and any Wi-Fi hotspots.

Cloudi-Fi’s unique cloud-based DHCP server

DHCP servers play an essential role to safelist devices when deploying and managing a secure network. DHCP servers are responsible for assigning IP addresses to all devices on a network, ensuring that they can communicate with each other and access the internet.

Cloudi-Fi has developed a unique solution to offer a 100% cloud-based DHCP server. Cloudi-Fi cloud-based DHCP server offers several benefits over traditional on-premise servers. First and foremost, it is highly scalable and flexible, allowing businesses to quickly add or remove devices as needed. This is particularly useful for companies that operate in multiple locations or experience fluctuating demand to connect to their network. It is also possible to activate specific security policies per IoT category.

Another key benefit of our cloud-based DHCP server is its high reliability and uptime. By hosting the DHCP server in the cloud, Zscaler customers can now take advantage of the cloud’s redundant infrastructure and failover capabilities, ensuring optimal internet connection experience, security and uptime.

Uncover guests Byod and IoT with Zscaler and Cloudi-Fi

The Cloudi-Fi and Zscaler integration offers an easy to implement and powerful solution for businesses looking to manage, scale and secure users, devices, and IoT's in multiple locations. By leveraging the capabilities of both technologies, companies can easily customize their Internet access experience. Together Cloudi-Fi and Zscaler solution act as a unique entry point, ensuring at all time that the entering traffic is secured and compliant with relevant local regulations. Check concrete Zscaler x Cloudi-Fi captive portal use case in our success stories pages.

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