Top keynote and training sessions not to miss during Zscaler's Zenith Live 2024 in Las Vegas

Top keynote and training sessions not to miss during Zscaler's Zenith Live 2024 in Las Vegas

Pre-plan your Zscaler Zenith Live 2024 visit with my tips

As we gear up for the Zscaler Zenith Live 2024 in Las Vegas, planning your visit is essential to maximize the wealth of knowledge and networking opportunities available. This year’s theme, “The Power of Zero Trust and AI," promises insightful sessions from industry leaders and cutting-edge training on the latest cybersecurity trends. I’m RJ Singh, CRO of Cloudi-Fi and a proud former Zscaler employee.

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I am CRO at We are delivering a unique Zero Trust Identity Platform to over 40 Zscaler's enterprise customers. Cloudi-Fi is the only Zscaler Identity and Access Management Partner offering a true seamless integration with Zscaler ZIA, thanks to years of development and close partnership with the Zscaler Team. Cloudi-Fi Identity Platform offers enterprises a one stop shop solution to Identify and Authenticate all users and devices delivering the world first Zero Trust Wi-Fi framework.

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Here's my guide to the must-attend Zenith Live 2024 keynotes and training sessions !

Zscaler Zenith Live 2024 top Keynote Sessions I will attend without a doubt

Link to the official Zscaler Zenith Live 2024 Vegas conference agenda here.

Date: Wednesday, June 12

1. Opening Keynote by Jay Chaudhry, CEO of Zscaler: Transforming Business with the Power of Zero Trust and AI

Wed 12, 08:30 AM - 09:05AM

Jay Chaudhry, the visionary founder and CEO of Zscaler, will kick off the event. His keynote will delve into the transformative power of Zero Trust and AI in modern cybersecurity. Expect Jay to share strategic insights and the future direction of cybersecurity, leveraging his extensive experience in the industry.

On stage as well for insightful testimonials:

Gene Sun - Corporate VP, Chief Information Security Officer at FedEx

Frank McAloon, VP, Digital Workplace & Security Delivery at CVS Health

2. Empowering Organizations with Comprehensive Data Protection - Keynote by Patrick Foxhoven, EVP, Chief Innovation Officer at Zscaler

Wed 12, 09:25 AM - 09:50 AM

This session, featuring Patrick Foxhoven, EVP and Chief Innovation Officer at Zscaler, will help us understand how Zscaler Data Protection transforms visibility, bridges gaps, and cuts costs with comprehensive solutions across all locations to safeguard your critical assets.

On stage as well for insightful testimonials:

Mike Jones, VP, Cybersecurity Platform Services at NationWide

Moinul Khan VP/GM, Data Protection at Zscaler

Thursday, June 13

3. Harnessing Zero Trust and AI to Outpace Cyberthreats - Keynote by Deepen Desai Chief Security Officer at Zscaler

09:15 AM -09:50 AM

Curious about this one as there are a lot of things that AI can help with and I believe there will be some very insightful real life, pragmatic examples in this session. In this keynote we shall dive into the latest zero trust and AI innovations that empower organizations to stay ahead of evolving threats and secure their digital transformation journeys. Keynote delivered by Deepen Desai Chief Security Officer at Zscaler and Sam Curry, Global VP, CISO in Residence Zscaler.

On stage as well for insightful use cases and testimonials:

Stephen Harrison, SVP & CISO MGM Resorts International

Eric Reed, SVP & CTO, Global Infrastructure Svcs. & IT Ops The CIGNA Group

4. Unveiling the Secrets of Cybercriminals by Brian Krebs, famous CyberSecurity journalist and blogger

9:50 AM - 10:15 AM

I just cannot wait for this one as I love top read Brian Krebs insightful content. He is a known cybersecurity journalist, author of Krebs on Security, as he shares his insights into the world of cybercriminals and the evolving threat landscape. I have been reading his blog post content for years so really looking forward to this session.

By Brian Krebs

His insightful Blog:

5. Transformation Theater Keynote: Zero Trust Segmentation Innovations Across Four Key Stages by Joby Menon VP Product Management at Zscaler

2:50 PM - 3:30 PM

Explore groundbreaking zero trust innovations that enable you to segment users, workloads, branches, and devices to eliminate the risks of lateral threat propagation.

This is especially interesting for me, in the light of our solution, Zscaler ZIA Plugin, Identity Platform for all devices and users.

We have been working a lot on users and devices automated segmentation and very curious to learn from this session.

Keynote by Joby Menon VP, Product Management - ZPA

Cloudi-Fi proud Gold Sponsor for the Zscaler Zenith Live 2024 event in Las Vegas

Zscaler Zenith Live 2024 Las Vegas top training sessions I want to attend - Training Sessions happens on Day 1 and 2

I am only getting there on Tuesday so I have only selected two sessions for this year, but I advise attending the User Training session for daily user it is a must.

Check this page to find the official Zenith Live 2024 Training sessions times and date and make sure you register !

1. Zero Trust Networking

Gain hands-on skills and knowledge in how Zscaler Zero Trust SD-WAN can securely connect branches, factories, and data centers while extending zero trust security to servers and IoT/OT devices in any location. Zero Trust SD-WAN transforms branch connectivity by eliminating the need for multiple devices such as routers, firewalls, and VPNs. Organizations can quickly deploy and connect branches using just an internet connection with a simple plug-and-play device. This simplifies operations, reduces complexity, and optimizes branch functionality. The session will incorporate expert-led lectures, interactive activities, and discussions to enhance learning and retention and enable you to better protect data while simplifying

2. Data Protection

Develop the hands-on skills and knowledge required to operate Zscaler solutions for safeguarding sensitive and distributed data. Expand on your understanding of the basics of protecting users and data to enhance overall data protection and streamline incident workflow management.

Zscaler Zenith Live 2024 promises to be once again a key event for cloud transformation and cybersecurity professionals around the world. By attending keynotes and training sessions, you'll gain invaluable knowledge and insights that can help you stay ahead in the ever-evolving world of cybersecurity. I look forward to seeing you there and making the most out of this incredible event together. I will be spending most of my time on booth where we will run non stop Live Demo featuring seamless Zscaler ZIA integration to showcase Cloudi-Fi Zero Trust Identify solution - One Platform to Identify and Authenticate all devices and users delivering true Zero Trust Wi-Fi cloud captive portal solution. I am so much looking forward to meet and enjoy rich conversations!

RJ Singh
Chief Revenue Officer

Cloudi-Fi - Zero Trust Identity Platform & Cloud Captive Portal

Cloudi-Fi - One Platform to Identify and Authenticate all users and devices
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