Hardware VS Software guest WiFi

Hardware VS Software guest WiFi

Today, WiFi has become essential in our daily lives for our own personal use but also for businesses. Moreover, with the introduction of the Internet of Things or “IoT”, devices need to have a frictionless WiFi network to be connected. This year, around 25 billion devices depend on WiFi to work correctly. So, what are the existing solutions and what is the best alternative for guest WiFi?

Hardware WiFi, what are its limits?

We are more likely to encounter hardware WiFi in our daily lives, whether at home, at work or even in hotels or restaurants when we use the guest WiFi network. It is that little box with different signals and different connected wires that enable us to get access to the network. But, when was it first created?

The first wireless products were developed in 1991 and were specifically designed for cashier systems. Then, later in 1997, they were released and intended for consumers with the creation of WLANs (Wireless Local Area Networks).

However, in the last years, new unveiled technologies such as WiFi6 revealed the limits of hardware WiFi especially for its usage in guest services and for IoT technology as it didn’t allow having much connected devices, for instance.

For companies and businesses willing to offer a wireless access to Internet, things became to look more complicated and more costly. Indeed, choosing to have hardware guest WiFi requires purchasing additional equipments, installing it and configuring it. This means that there will be for sure additional costs especially for maintenance.

Well, isn’t there a more convenient solution for businesses? Of course there is!

Software WiFi is the new thing!

With the emergence of IoT in the early 20s, it has become among the most popular high-tech technologies as it is part of our daily lives. This technology enables a smooth connection between different devices but also requires an optimal network infrastructure.

If you are running a hotel or a large department store, you will certainly need a broad deployment of your WiFi network to offer the best service to your customers but also to your employees who need internet access for their work. However this may require additional installations and costly configurations, unless you choose a more convenient option: Software WiFi.

It is an easier and frictionless solution that allows you to plug it into an already existing installation, without buying any additional equipment or any configuration.

Moreover, if you are already involved in a strategy of digital transformation, this solution is more suitable for you! Why? Simply because software by its digital nature is much more scalable over time without direct/physical intervention unlike hardware which therefore needs specific installations.

Ready to move to software? Discover our guest WiFi solution.

Cloudi-Fi, beyond software WiFi

After hearing all the concerns of businesses whom main purpose is to offer an easy internet access to their guests, we came up with the following solutions :

  1. Creating a 100% cloud-based solution which complies with all existing infrastructures.
  2. Providing an easy and smooth internet access, without any friction and with a broad and worldwide deployment.
  3. Assisting our clients in all their projects with personalised advice to meet their needs.

Cloudi-Fi’s aim is to answer the concerns of different sectors such as retail, hospitality, transport but also companies willing to provide WiFi to their employees and their guests.

As a result, Cloudi-Fi enhances software WiFi by offering unique features and guiding through digital transformation.

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