2020 Technologies to take into account

2020 Technologies to take into account

Last January, the number of daily mobile users have reached 67% which represents 5 billion people all around the world. As this trend increased by 100 million between 2018 and 2019, we can estimate that it will continue to grow during the next year. Why? Simply because 2019 has seen new technologies unveiled such as WiFi6 and 5G and we can only think that 2020 will be also full of surprises. What are the new technologies that will shake up this upcoming year and what does 2020 hold for Cloudi-Fi?

What 2020 holds

2020, the year of 5G: Revealed in 2019, 5G will shake up 2020. The next generation of mobile internet activity will offer faster broadband speeds and more reliable wireless connection on smartphones but also other devices. By empowering IoT technology, 5G will accelerate the development of smart cities, smart vehicles but also smart infrastructures. In other words, every sector linked to our daily lives will be transformed by this technology.

Taking WiFi to another level: Along with 5G, WiFi6 has also been unveiled in 2019 and also promises faster connectivity for home and offices. Succeeding WiFi5, this new technology will enable faster data speed to more devices and also a 3-times higher download speed than the previous generation. This will push up IoT technology by allowing more connected devices and also by supporting a bigger volume of data.

AI is the new black: Artifical Intelligence is one of the hottest trends since 2018. Following its popularity, this technology will continue to offer more personalised customer experiences for brands world-wide through different technologies such as marketing automation, chatbots or even predictive content management. We expect also a revolution of Voice AI which became a new way to interact with computing devices in our daily lives but also for some specific industries like hospitality, healthcare and even automotive.

2020 for the retail industry

According to a report from Retail Dive, 73% of shoppers want self-service technology. No wonder why consumers expect a lot from the technologies we have previously mentioned. Consumers are getting more and more used to self-service tools such as automated checkout systems which enable them to save time during their purchasing journey. This doesn’t mean that they are avoiding any contact with humans, but they actually appreciate the idea of having technologies available in-store to improve their shopping experience. Moreover, the report revealed that 76% of retailers that use mobile technology helps offering a faster shopping experience. Now you know what you have to do 😉

2020 for Cloudi-Fi

We have seen that 2020 is going to be a year full of surprises. Well Cloudi-Fi has also some exciting projects coming up next year!

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