Why you should deploy a global unique Hotspot solution

Why you should deploy a global unique Hotspot solution

Deploying WiFi hotspot in on site can be very easy. There are plenty of local providers in the market that will install a box in your premises for a few dozen dollars a month. If you are a multinational company, you can choose to iterate the same choose-negotiate-sign-order-deliver process in each country (each city?) or you can choose a global Hotspot provider for all your locations. You got it, this is the good choice but let me argue.

Cost and time savings

As stated in my first article, your company will go through multiples steps to deploy the Hotspot service in your premises. By deploying a unique solution, you will be able to aggregate some of them:

  • Provider/partner selection, contractual discussion and legal department approval
  • Solution design, portal creation and reports creation
  • Process documentation and trainings

User experience

The creation of a smooth user journey is key if you want your visitors to adopt the hotspot service and share their data with you. Replicating the same UX over multiple solutions is tricky and sometimes impossible. The main advantage of deploying a unique global solution is to propose the same experience wherever is your visitor.

The second advantage in term of user experience is the possibility to recognize the visitor when a come to your locations for the second time (even if he visits two different locations) and use this information to shorten the connexion process or propose personalized data.

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Augmented data

Talking about Matrix, what about the data generated by your visitors usage of the hotspot service? With multiple solutions, you will have to manually aggregate the data, map the different fields together and aligned to unique data scheme before you will be able to use it. When using a unique solution, your data scheme will be aligned natively.

Moreover, the capacity to consolidate the data for a unique user is very interesting, especially for customers. How often they came? Are they loyal to the same location? Are they moving across countries?… With a global hotspot solution, you will be able to answer these questions even if you do not collect user identities.

Transversal KPIs

I’m pretty sure your VPs will ask you some KPIs on the hotspot usages. I just can’t imagine you will send dozens of PDF files with different contents, different formats and let them search inside ! No, you need to propose them an aggregated view of the KPIs all over your locations.

No secret, there are only 2 solutions:

  • Aggregate the data by yourself (automatically or manually but in both cases it will have a cost)
  • Choose a Hotspot solution that can cover all your locations and will converge all the data in a unique database.

Choose your side!


Deploying the same solution in all your location is the most efficient way to propose hotspot service to your visitors.

Romain Pillon, IT consultant.

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