Atos partners with Cloudi-Fi to support its cloud transformation for its global offices

Atos partners with Cloudi-Fi to support its cloud transformation for its global offices

Atos is the global leader in digital transformation with 111 000 employees in 71 countries. For Atos, welcoming and securing their guests and employees was challenging with their legacy hardware-based solution. They decided to move to an innovative cloud-based solution to improve the level of service and scale with the group's growth.

Integrated within versa networks SD-WAN

Atos was looking for a guest WiFi solution to support its transformation to the cloud. Being able to improve performance and optimize costs were decisive in their selection. As a 100% cloud-based service, Cloudi-Fi is the perfect match. Cloudi-Fi is seamlessly integrated into its Versa Networks SD-WAN architecture and fits into its cloud-first strategy.

The legacy solution needed dedicated hardware and a configuration at the Local Area Network layer that was challenging to install and maintain. It was complex to keep at a large and distributed scale. Adopting the Cloudi-Fi solution simplifies the IT operations and design: the enablement of the service relies only on routing, from the customer Internet breakouts to Cloudi-Fi nearest datacenters without any local configuration.

Thanks to Cloudi-Fi’s partnership with Verizon, Atos can handily set up configuration and integrate Cloudi-Fi solution into its environment.

Additionally, with Cloudi-Fi, Atos found a broadband-saving alternative and, therefore, a more cost-effective solution that was crucial to delivering the service to its offices worldwide. With Cloudi-Fi, Atos could establish local breakout and route guest traffic locally. With the administration interface, Cloudi-Fi smartly and securely redirects guest traffic across several sites and simultaneously adjusts bandwidth wherever needed.

Guarantee secure internet access with the Zscaler integration

Atos has placed security at the heart of its digital transformation. Untrusted networks usually connect various kinds of untrusted devices and users: daily guests, consultants, and employees with Bring Your Own Devices. Atos was looking for a complete and secure service.

Cloudi-Fi supports Atos in their Zero Trust Network Access strategy by allowing them to enforce differentiated Internet security policies based on identity. With Cloudi-Fi, Atos benefits from the latest version of TLS and enhances the security of the whole guest network. Moreover, the Zscaler integration within Cloudi-Fi provides Atos an unmatched solution to implement security policies at the access for a Zero Trust strategy.

Full Cloud ZTNA for Atos Corporate

Offer a seamless and compliant onboarding process

With Cloudi-Fi's reliable captive portal, Atos offers diverse authentication modes (sponsorship and corporate directory - WAC SSO), making the onboarding process more user-friendly and convenient for guests. Making visitors more autonomous is also a time-saving option for employees who don’t need to use vouchers anymore to grant guest Internet access.

In the meantime, Cloudi-Fi solution uniquely addresses existing local regulations, allowing Atos to implement the same homogeneous solution in its international offices.

Many governments require enterprises to store Internet logs for various durations when providing Internet access to external users. Those logs must contain matching identities and URLs. Cloudi-Fi stores authentication and Internet logs in local datacenters in compliance with the data privacy regulations. For instance, all personal data (email, mobile phone numbers, IP addresses...) are encrypted, and users are well informed of the processing of their data.

“We have an excellent experience working with Cloudi-Fi. Their cutting-edge cloud-based WiFi solution enables us to deliver convenient and secure connectivity to our guests and employees more cost-effectively. The deployment is fast, simple, and all cloud-based without needing local infrastructure. Their flexibility to accommodate different local compliance regulations allows us to manage our global offices easily. Their customer success team is very supportive and responsive. Cloudi-Fi is a great partner to work with!”, Alexander Kroos, IT Manager.
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