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Learn how the Groupe EDUSERVICES improves and secures Wi-Fi Internet access across all its 50 schools

Cloudi-Fi cloud-based Internet Access Control Platform and Captive Portal solution was selected by the leading higher education Groupe EDUSERVICES to improve user experience for students, professors, and visitors while simplifying Internet access management and improving security across all its sites.

The Groupe EDUSERVICES is a leading European higher-education group with over 50,000 students and over 50 prestigious schools under management. Cloudi-Fi captive portal solution enables seamless deployment and management of all guests’ internet access from one central administration interface

The legacy MPLS solution in place required high on-site hardware maintenance while delivering a poor user experience. The objective was to reduce frustration amongst all parties involved: the students, school management, and teachers. Meanwhile, the Groupe EDUSERVICES network team had to deal with regular local hardware incidents.

"Cloudi-Fi Access Control Platform helped us simplify our network operations by reducing hardware dependencies while improving our perimetric security and user experience for our students and teachers. We use Cloudi-Fi as a Cloud NAC, delivering true Zero Trust Wi-Fi access across all our schools. The integration with Cisco-Meraki SD-WAN helped us reduce intrusion risks, as critical resources can't be accessed from this network. Cloudi-Fi platform is now a business-critical asset in our organization"

Mr Christophe Gros, Head of IT infrastructure at Groupe EDUSERVICES

Cloudi-Fi and Cisco-Meraki Cloud integration steps
Cloudi-Fi Internet Access Control Platform Admin

Reducing hardware dependency while improving network security

Once fully deployed in all 50 schools under management, the Cloudi-Fi Internet Access Control Platform enabled the Group EDUSERVICES IT Management and network team to improve the user experience while drastically reducing local hardware incidents. The solution deployed automatically secures authentication as users’ logins are approved instantly after completing simple registration steps offering Zero Trust Wi-Fi framework.

Cloudi-Fi Internet Access Control Platform makes guest authentication effortless for users to gain internet access safely and compliantly.
The solution deployed offers students, teachers, and visitors multiple authentication modes, enabling easy and secure verification of varying user types.

Cloudi-fi Cloud Captive portal integration overview with Cisco-Meraki Cloud

Seamless integration with Cisco-Meraki Cloud

Thanks to Cloudi-Fi native integration with Cisco-Meraki Cloud, the connection with Groupe EDUSERVICES's existing ecosystem was rapid, transparent, and seamless. Cloudi-Fi solution is now integrated with the Cisco-Meraki Cloud and deployed on all Cisco-Meraki access points. Additionally Cloudi-Fi captive portal solution was synchronised with Azure Active Directory now known as Microsoft Entra ID to secure access to profile based corporate services for teacher and employees across all locations.
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No additional hardware or software was required to enable the Cloudi-Fi
captive portal solution. Groupe EDUSERVICES network and security team can maintain its existing infrastructure while improving network security with a solid Zero Trust Wi-Fi framework.

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SSID specific cloud captive portal for higher education group

One platform to onboard and secure all connected devices

The Groupe EDUSERVICES network administrators team is now fully autonomous in maintaining captive portal branding, legal assets, and onboarding options, simplifying network operations and saving precious time for the team in charge. Cloudi-Fi user-friendly admin interface enables administrators to monitor, control, and manage all internet connections securely from one place across all universities under management.

Securing Internet access and guest Wi-Fi authentication for different user profiles and requirements can be challenging for significant multi-site higher education organizations. Internet access control includes many parameters, such as duration/time, resource type, and security policy.

Cloudi-Fi allows the Groupe EDUSERVICES IT management team to address all requirements while managing different users and device types with one scalable solution, simplifying network administration without compromising security.

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