How going digital has transformed the restaurant industry

How going digital has transformed the restaurant industry

If digital transformation is the core of many strategies today, especially during this pandemic, as many companies are looking to reinvent themselves, restaurants are not an exception.

Being one of the most impacted sectors during Covid-19, restaurants can no longer go past the opportunities brought by digital.

How emerging technologies can help restaurants to face the current crisis?

Why is it important for restaurants to adopt technology?

The answer is very simple: technology is everywhere! Consumers habits are fast-changing and they are quite aware of all the trends as they like to be constantly informed.

Indeed, online presence is now crucial for any business in order to create a digital identity, grow a community and promote its services and business.

Whether through a website or social media, it is important for restaurants to interact with their (potential) customers and make them want to visit their place in order to grow their business.

Here are some figures* showing the place of digitalisation in the restaurant sector:

  • 80% of restaurants are adopting technology to make their business more successful (e.g. online ordering, reservation, mobile apps…).
  • 90% of customers check a restaurant online before actually going to it.
  • 57% of the customers mentioned above search for the restaurant’s main website.
  • 92% guests read the restaurant’s review online.

* Source of the data above

WiFi: an easy solution for the digital transformation of restaurants

If restaurants are now looking for new ways to increase their customers loyalty and to bring them the best experience ever, technology is here to help them.

What’s easier than interacting with customers though their one and only favorite companion, the smartphone? Instead of requiring to download a mobile app or to have a specific software to scan a QR code, there is a more easier way to connect with customers which is WiFi.

Indeed, by providing a guest WiFi access to their customers, restaurants can propose different services. First, obviously, a free and secure access to Internet which enable them to stay connected and even work while enjoying a good cup of coffee. In addition, guest WiFi can also be used as a new marketing channel to display menus, exclusive recipes or to tell the story of the restaurant.

Last but not least, interaction is key and restaurants’ owners can simply do that by proposing to their customers to register through their favorite social network in order to reach them later online but also to answer a survey or join their loyalty program.

Thankfully, all the previous requirements are available in one solution: Cloudi-Fi. With the 100% cloud-based solution, it is possible to fully customise the captive portal with the guests’ favorite social connectors but also with the restaurant’s brand image. The solution becomes a commodity and communication tool that can be adopted by restaurants to interact with their customers both on-site and online. Get to know more about the solution here!

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