Cloudi-Fi meets the needs of Chinese tourists all around the globe!

Cloudi-Fi meets the needs of Chinese tourists all around the globe!

With around fifteen social network connectors to date, Cloudi-Fi officially opens its doors to the Chinese customers by providing a transparent connection to the guest WiFi thanks to the WeChat connector.

In 2018, more than 149 million Chinese people traveled abroad and spent over 277 billion dollars during their trips. Although growth has been more modest in the last years, it still has bright days coming up for the next decade, more than 400 million Chinese visitors are expected by 2030.

However, if there is one characteristic to keep in mind about Chinese tourists it is that they are hyper connected! Internet and mobile are two intrinsic notions for a successful trip. Whether it is sharing their experience on social media, communicating with their relatives or even paying with their smartphone (more than 580 million Chinese used mobile payment in 2018), a qualitative and secure access to WiFi is essential.

If WiFi and Marketing pages from Cloudi-Fi can already be translated in different languages, Mandarin included, it is now possible to offer Asian visitors the possibility to connect to the WiFi through their WeChat account.

Today Cloudi-Fi is therefore the unique player (who is not Chinese) to provide the WeChat connector on its guest WiFi solution. What are the benefits for the retailers and Chinese customers?

  • Differentiate from other retailers by offering a seamless experience adapted to the uses of Chinese visitors.
  • Increase the turnover of brands and distributors. By facilitating exchanges with their relatives as well as mobile payment, Chinese visitors are more inclined to spend, and more!
  • Enrich the CRM database thanks to the information collected: gender, country, identifier, phygital interactions…
  • Communicate personalised messages directly to users in their favorite social network during and after their visit.

The integration of WeChat therefore echoes the DNA of Cloudi-Fi which is the ideal partner for multinationals targeting international customers.

Here is a video by our creative lab team, explaining about different social connectors you can employ.

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