A complete marketing platform to catch visitors
exactly where they are


Phygitalize promotional & marketing actions (couponing, loyalty programs, product scanning, contests...) on Cloudi-Fi pages.


Personalize and manage marketing campaigns to match with visitors' profiles.


Retargeted campaigns within visitor’s favorite channels (email, SMS, social networks). Select criteria & extend to similar profiles.


Analyze campaigns and segment data. Thanks to Cloudi-Fi restful API, reports can be connected to the existing CRM system.

70% of users want to get personalized coupons & special offers when they are in physical sites.

In our digital era, businesses are facing many challenges.

Increasing the foot traffic and the basket value is crucial to survive. Online shopping uses the knowledge of consumers to offer a good deal with the best timing. This relies on various technologies which are all related to the ability to recognize and retarget the consumer. The wide adoption of smartphones now brings the digital footprint of consumers into stores.

What if there is a bridge between smartphones and digital strategies?

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How to set up a successful phygital retargeting strategy ?

Through the Cloudi-Fi solution, we allow businesses to combine and take advantage of the benefits linked to the complementary use of digital tools and methods for the benefit of the brand as a whole, but also for the points of sale.

  1. Collection of social network profiles

    Collecting social network profiles, and the information attached to them, by offering social networks as authentication modes allows personalized messages to be sent and the CRM database to be increased with similar profiles. Cloudi-Fi currently offers about fifteen of them, including the most famous ones, but also others such as WeChat or Vkontakte.

  2. Automated creation of phygital campaigns

    Thanks to the Cloudi-Fi campaign module, phygital campaigns are easily and intuitively created by segmenting the audience, and selecting media and the display location.

  3. Omnichannel Integration

    Integrate Cloudi-Fi SDK to the website and/or mobile app to have a 360° knowledge of customers.

Interact directly with customers via their favorite media and phygitally convert them


Use advanced email marketing features and send smart and personalized emails. Create original campaigns and automate marketing actions and paths.


Reach customers even if they’re off site. Personalize texts and automatically send them depending on customers’ behaviour. Messages can also be scheduled.


Get people's attention as soon as they visit the website. Personalized & interactive messages will help you to convert visitors online or on-site.


Thanks to the WiFi, Send personalized communication on the WiFi portal or any web page. Customer on-site are more likely to consume with personalized offers.

Facebook Custom Audiences

With Cloudi-Fi Campaign Module and automation feature, add customers and visitors to existing Facebook Ads Custom Audiences. Keep consistent and updated messages with customers' lifecycles across email, Facebook ads, on-site...