A complete marketing platform to catch your visitors
exactly where they are


Phygitalize your promotional & marketing actions (couponing, loyalty program, product scanning, contest...) on WiFi pages.

Marketing page

Personalize and manage your marketing campaigns to match with your visitor’s behavior.


Retargeted campaigns within visitor’s favorite channels (email, SMS, social networks). Choose your criterias & extend to similar profiles


Analyse your campaigns and segment your data. Thanks to our restful API, your reports can be connected to your existing CRM system

70% of users want to get personalised coupons & special offers when they are in-stpre

In our digital era, retailers are facing many challenges.

Increasing the foot traffic and the basket value is crucial to survive. Online shopping use the knowledge of consumers to propose a good deal with the best timing. This relies on various technology which are all related to the capability to recognize and retarget the consumer. The wide adoption of smartphones now brings the digital footprint of the consumer into the stores.

What if there is a bridge between smartphone and your digital strategy?

Get Cloudi-Fi

Only five steps that's it

Install Cloudi-Fi

Leverage your existing WiFi infrastructure to propose marketing services to your guests. This is an Over the top service which do not need physical installation.

Promote your guest WiFi

Incentive your visitors to connect to your WiFi. Cloudi-Fi Creative Lab helps his customers to build the best retail strategy (rewarding actions, loyalty program, communications tips...)

Deploy Cloudi-Fi

Deploy on all your stores to have a global marketing approach. Easily manage all your marketing (eventually local) campaigns from one unique interface.

Omnichannel integration

Integrate Cloudi-Fi SDK to your website and/or mobile app to complete your customer knowledge and better interact with him.

That's it

You can now send the right message, create persononalized interactions... Whatever your client's behaviours and actions are, you can interact with them!

Easy monitoring

In real time

Follow in real time the launch of your campaigns and how your visitors interact with them.


Create reports per country / region / store / team with specific rights depending on the profile.


Receive automatically your reports by email.