Make patients feel at home

Quick & secure connection

Patients can access the Internet directly with their room number or social media thanks to Cloudi-Fi's 100% secure and easy-to-use solution.

Avoid overloading

Ensure the quality of the connectivity by controlling bandwidth. Set quotas based on defined profiles.

More pleasant stay

By providing them with an Internet access, patients will be able to view videos and even stay up-to-date on the world’s news during their stay.

50% of hospitals do not offer Internet access to their patients. Mainly for investment cost reasons.

During their hospital stay, patients are isolated from their daily surroundings and it is important for their state of mind to maintain their habits, in particular Internet access and the possibility of keeping in touch with their loved ones in a modern way.

What if there was a solution to democratize Internet access without additional investment for hospitals?

Get Cloudi-Fi

Simple and fast deployment

With our full support
Cloudi-Fi allows hospitals to simply manage their secure Internet access for guests that complies with local regulations and reuses the existing infrastructure.

A configurable service

Adapted to the existing ecosystem
Access with the patient’s room number, social network or with coupons. The service is easily configurable depending on the existing tech stack.

Phygitalize traditional services

To reduce friction and waiting
Use the captive portal as a new channel for communication and management of services. Patients can easily pay without cumbersome and time-consuming administrative procedures.

A shared revenue offer

For a premium service
Offer the possibility to subscribe to a premium Internet access service for the duration of patients’ stay. They can pay securely via their mobile or when booking the room.

Find out how to easily monetize Internet access for visitors

Cloudi-Fi makes the stay easier

68% would rather pay to get qualitative & secure Internet access
77% of phygital interactions with campaigns
100% patient satisfaction with Cloudi-Fi services