Better control of unmanaged devices

User profiling

Define user profiles as needed, authenticate them accordingly to apply the appropriate security and service usage rules.


Corporate security can be applied (from URL filtering to advanced content filtering).

International compliance

With our worldwide datacenters, we are compliant with local regulations. Monitor the availability of the service with one unique interface.

Event management

For one-time events, create and adapt the captive portal autonomously. Offer the service to a larger number of users without paying extra.

Providing Internet access for visitors, customers, contractors or employees may be challenging for a company.

Corporate visitors' or employees' personal devices are not allowed to connect to corporate networks, however, they need Internet connectivity. Cloudi-Fi offers a cloud based service with worldwide carrier-grade authentication, security and compliance.

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Different methods to connect unmanaged devices on site
Adapted and combinable

Lobby administrator

Receptionists can easily create guest credentials for onboard visitors. From the dedicated interface, they can send the login details by email or SMS, or print them out.


The guest credentials are sent to visitors after approval by the sponsor. Notification of the approval request can be done via email or SMS, and one click is enough!


Automate the onboarding process with a legacy solution. Our API is easy to use to create credentials directly from the guest management system.


Give access to employees with their personal devices. For a seamless experience add corporate directory connectivity with SAML/LDAP/Google/Azure/AD.

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Cloudi-Fi solution enables a quick and easy Internet access for guests

+500k employees use the Cloudi-Fi solution
98% of visitors connect with their mobile
7h / week saved by the receptionist with sponsor mode