Improve life on campus with unique phygital experiences

Quick & secure connection

Students can directly access the Internet through their student email or social media thanks to Cloudi-Fi’s 100% secure and easy-to-use solution.

Better student experience

Offer a unique experience thanks to phygital services (order meals, payment services, book tickets to university events, answer satisfaction surveys...).

Measure ROI

Evaluate the efficiency of educational services and student facilities, and monitor students’ phygital behavior.

Rather than being a luxury, Internet connectivity has become a necessity.

Both students and staff need Internet access while on campus, whether it be for classes, research, or to stay in touch with family and friends. Plus, 41% of students have 3 or more devices connected to the Internet. With the increased number of devices used, it is essential for universities to be able to provide a strong and steady connection.

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Integrate Cloudi-Fi into the existing ecosystem
Thanks to our API, simply connect the existing tech stack. Streamline communication while centralizing data.

Event management

Organize events with peace of mind
For one-time events, create and adapt the captive portal autonomously. Offer the service to a larger number of users without paying extra.

Real-time communication

Guarantee the transmission of key information
Inform students and staff in real time of events, schedule changes, etc. any information that shouldn't end up in the bin.

Automated communication

Send campaigns based on student activity
Create and trigger automated campaigns based on students' physical interaction on the captive portal.

Discover how to easily animate this new communication channel

Cloudi-Fi’s solution provides the tools to facilitate students’ lives on campus

66% Productivity growth
83% Phygital interactions
100% Students & teachers' satisfaction