Make the Internet access as secure as a bank account

Safe environment

With Cloudi-Fi’s certified partners, to secure Internet access for guests: from URL filtering to content filtering. Control brand image and avoid data breaches.

Fully compliant all around the world

With our worldwide data centers, store logs in accordance with local regulations. All data is available on our interface and can be modified/erased by the end-user.

2-in-1 solution

Use our unique solution to offer Internet connectivity to employees and visitors. Choose to create separate captive portals, or not.

Unique phygital experience

Create a homogenous universe with existing mobile apps and digital strategy, and offer a 360° experience to customers.

The successful rise of digital-only banking challenges established and traditional banks.

With digital and mobile-first features redefining the banking industry as we know it, it's crucial for top decision-makers in financial services to stay ahead of tomorrow's trends.

Choose an innovative and reliable solution for customers’ and employees’ Internet access experiences.

Get Cloudi-Fi

Legal assistance

Cloudi-Fi has your back
Our legal experts can assist in writing the general terms of use and data privacy, and at the same time take on the legal responsibility.

Control BYOD usage

Secure employee journey
Control the use of the service by connecting directly to the corporate directory to allow employees to simply authenticate themselves on their personal devices.

Boost mobile strategy

With Cloudi-Fi API
Allow customers to authenticate themselves to the captive portal through the brand’s mobile app connector. Simple and intuitive, this encourages customers to download the mobile application to take advantage of personalized services, both on mobile and in the branch.

Recruit more customers

By targeting similar profiles
Create phygital campaigns on social networks by targeting profiles similar to existing customers and visitors in the agency. Boost account openings and build customer loyalty with personalized campaigns on their favorite communication channel.

Find out how to easily manage the personal data collected

Cloudi-Fi, the trusted partner

1 hour average time to handle a support ticket
+1M unique phygital identities collected
+6% mobile app downloads