Value a regular audience

Commodity first

Deliver a qualitative Internet connectivity to passengers.

Best audience ever!

Passengers have a unique attention span when they are using their mobile on transport. Digital advertising on passengers’ mobile phones is highly valuable.


With Cloudi-Fi solution, transport companies can catch passengers’ attention by displaying entertaining content and generate profit as a result.


Plan marketing campaigns and instantly deploy Internet access for guests on the chosen locations.

Cloudi-Fi increases passengers’ happiness

While generating revenue for transportation companies. There is no better place to catch a captive audience. Give the voice to local partners and monetize the audience.

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Brand captive portals

Relieve IT teams
With our built-in captive portal tool, easily brand captive portals by location. Dedicated portals can also be created for buses / planes / stations...

Promote up-sales

Thanks to a 360° knowledge of travelers
Increase revenue with the help of phygital knowledge of passengers. Connect Cloudi-Fi to the existing CRM database and boost sales when they connect to the captive portal with personalized offers.

Monetize through plans

Tailor offers according to usage
Turn cost centers into profit centers by charging the end user on a pro-rata basis.

Monetize advertising spaces

Promote local actors
Thanks to our campaign module, easily monetize advertising inserts on the captive portal. Charge according to pre-defined KPIs: impression rate, click rate...

Find out how to easily monetize your Internet access for guests

With the Cloudi-Fi solution, entertain a captive audience

100% Impression rate
1 min Maximum viewing time
+8% Growth of revenue