Improve the welcome of your guests

Security & Compliance

The corporate security can be applied (from URL filtering to advanced content filtering). With +50 datacenters, we are compliant with local regulations.

International deployment

Deploy all around the world and monitor the availability of the service with one unique interface.

Autonomous employees

Employees can accept visitor access request with Lobby Administrator and sponsorship mode. BYOD can also have their easy and own access.

Event management

Marketing team is totally autonomous. Cloudi-Fi marketing modules are friendly to use. Easily manage contents and ads on the WiFi portals.

Providing Internet access to visitors, customers, contractors or employees may be challenging for a company.

Corporate visitors or employees’ personal devices are not allowed to connect to corporate networks however they need Internet connectivity. Cloudi-Fi offers a worldwide carrier-grade authentication, security and compliance cloud based service.

Get Cloudi-Fi

Cloudi-Fi solution allows a quick and easy deployment of your guest WiFi

4 hours on average to simultaneous users
+15K simultaneous users
+21 technological partners