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Système U selects Cloudi-Fi's cloud-based captive portal solution to enhance customer experience across 1500 stores

Système U has selected Cloudi-Fi to deploy its unique cloud-based captive portal solution across its 1500 stores. Cloudi-Fi's cutting-edge solution will allow Système U to offer its customers seamless and secure Wi-Fi access while enhancing the in-store user experience.

Founded in 1898, Système U is one of the main French food distribution groups and currently owns 1568 points of sale. 5 brands are gathered: Hyper U, Super U, Marché U, U Express, and Utile. In 2018, it was the first distributor to launch its mobile application "Y’a quoi dedans" which informs about food composition by scanning the product labels. Customer experience and digitalization are the keywords of their strategy.

"From the beginning Cloudi-Fi has been attentive and flexible about our needs. We appreciate their responsiveness and their professionalism. More than just guest Wi-Fi, our choice was supported by a multiplicity of available options, including marketing, which allow the store managers of Système U to be completely autonomous."

Director of Operations and Services, at Système U

Système U captive portal
Système U captive portal

Cloud-based solution for seamless guest Wi-Fi authentication

Système U was searching for a solution to provide a smooth and secure Wi-Fi authentication process for its customers. After a thorough trial, the company finally chose Cloudi-Fi's solution, which is 100% cloud-based and security platform agnostic, making it easy to deploy and monitor across all stores.

Today, several hundred Système U stores are deployed with the Cloudi-Fi solution, with an average of 100 new users per month and per store connecting to the guest Wi-Fi cloud-based captive portal.

Système U marketing campaign
Branded splash page customized for Système U

Branded captive portal for enhanced in-store connected user experience

Cloudi-Fi's branded captive portal has enhanced Système U's capacity to consistently deliver a cutting-edge phygital experience to customers. With Cloudi-Fi's cloud-based captive portal, the company can collect compliant data and launch multi-channel marketing campaigns. Store managers have access to an easy-to-use admin function to customize the Wi-Fi portal, which is integrated with Facebook. The administration portal also provides IT teams with detailed reports on individual store deployments. To cater to visitors' diverse connectivity habits, the portal offers various authentication modes, including email and social media. 47% of visitors choose to connect through social media, allowing Système U to collect GDPR-compliant data on visitors and gain valuable insights into their in-store behavior.

Cloudi-Fi native integration with Zscaler ZIA

Optimized security thanks to Cloudi-Fi unique Zscaler ZIA native integration and Identity and Access Management partnership

Cloudi-Fi and Zscaler ZIA partnership enables Système U to rapidly scale and deploy the solution while offering an optimized and secure guest Wi-Fi authentication.Système U can integrate URL filtering and firewall options into their existing security infrastructure, allowing for improved network team monitoring capabilities. The native integration with Zscaler ZIA also simplifies the deployment of Cloudi-Fi's captive portal across multiple locations, providing central monitoring and administration capabilities for the Système U IT team. This makes Cloudi-Fi the only Identity and Access Management Zscaler partner with such integration. Furthermore, each location created in the Cloudi-Fi administration interface automatically transfers to the Zscaler ZIA platform, making the deployment process even smoother.

Easy and smooth guest Wi-Fi deployment across stores

Thanks to Cloudi-Fi Technology agnostic approach, Système U could deploy Cloudi-Fi's solutions on Meraki access points in all stores across mainland France and overseas territories simplifying network infrastructure deployment. Both the Meraki and the Wi-Fi captive portal are managed centrally from the cloud, making the Cloudi-Fi solutions integration simple and smooth.