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Palo Alto Networks

Securing Guest Wi-Fi, BYOD and IoT with Palo Alto Networks Prisma Access

The Palo Alto Networks Prisma Access suite secures public cloud environments, SaaS applications, internet access, mobile users, and remote locations through a cloud-delivered architecture.

The Palo Alto Networks Prisma Access and Cloudi-Fi partnership provides enterprises and hotspots a controlled, authenticated, secured and compliant access to guests, BYOD and IoT. The joint solution centralizes and unifies untrusted users and devices access management and completes the Palo Alto Network Prisma Access experience around 4 main points:

  1. Compliance with local regulations (Data privacy and Internet provider regulations)
  2. Authentication and identification of all untrusted users and devices : guests, visitors, BYOD, IoT.
  3. Enhanced security on the Wi-Fi access with complete traffic visibility and control of guests, BYOD and IoT, with specific Palo Alto Network security policies per user profile and per IoT category for a complete SASE model
  4. Enriched User experience (Device recognition for individualized content when returning on any sites, Modern Captive portal builder in few minutes, Multi-authentication capability)

Please check Cloudi-Fi's Knowledge Base for more information on the Palo Alto Networks integration

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