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Commscope Ruckus

Enhancing Commscope Ruckus Smart Zone with embedded compliance and enriched user experience

Commscope offers reliable, high-speed infrastructure. When combined with the Cloudi-Fi services, venues can transform their commodity Wi-Fi into a compliant, secured and powerful communication channel for phygital marketing and business outcomes.

As a Commscope partner, Cloudi-Fi integrates natively within Commscope in  a range of SMB to enterprise grade, with a subscription and usage-based pricing model that suits to any customers needs.

The Cloudi-Fi and Commscope partnership provides a complete offer with added value benefits:

  • Advanced Enterprise security with native regulations compliance (GDPR and CCPA among others) and data privacy rules
  • User Profiling to provide a personalized WiFi experience
  • Interactive consumers experience with captive portals, email marketing, SMS, coupons, programmatic advertising, and more.
  • Added-value tools for marketing campaign and corporate events
  • Extend the customer digital strategy from the web to the WiFi with exclusive third-party services for an increased ROI and seamless phygital integration

Please check Cloudi-Fi's Knowledge Base for more information on the Commscope Ruckus integration

More information also on Cloudi-Fi on Commscope Ruckus Alliance Partners website