What does security mean with Cloudi-Fi?

A rich and unique set of security features are available Worldwide and delivered from the cloud. This allows a total control of the use of the network: URL filtering, content filtering, cloud firewall, quota and QOS. We give you autonomy to control your liability, brand image but also to save money.

Cloudi-Fi enjoys the performance of Zscaler, partner as a security platform. This exclusive partnership allows us to propose the best security solution in the guest network landscape. Associated with your visitor identity, you will be able to configure your own policy security for different profiles through a unique interface.

International compliance
We've got your back! even in China

With more than 50 datacenters all around the world, Cloudi-Fi solution is easy to use. Authentication and transaction logs are stored in compliance with local regulations. Logs are also available in real-time through the administration interface.