Universal platform
To easily deploy and manage WiFi pages

100% cloud

Repurpose the existing WiFi.
Create value at no additional cost.
Reuse existing hardware/software.

Secure & compliant

Cloudi-Fi commits and delivers a solution in compliance with the various regulations. Also brings top notch security.

Fully brandable

Personalize messages to your community from templates or from scratch. The Creative Lab Team can assist with campaign creation.

Easy monitoring

See at a glance the key metrics of the deployment and visitors use. Predefined and personal reports are available.

80% of visitors use their mobile in store

Ecommerce leverage the consumer knowledge to find the best fit with the offers available.

Recognition, qualification and retargeting of the consumer are fundamental. The wide adoption of smartphones NOW brings the digital footprint of each individual on the doorstep of the stores.

Get Cloudi-Fi

5 ways to connect your guests.
Give autonomy to whom you want

Visitor Initiated

The visitor can request internet access using either his favorite social network, email, mobile or sponsor.

Employee Initiated

Employees create guest credentials and send them to their visitors before they come on site.

Lobby Administrator

Receptionists can easily create guest credentials to onboard visitors.


Give access to employees with their personal devices.

For a seamless experience add corporate directory connectivity with SAML/LDAP/Google/Azure/AD.


Automate the onboarding process with a legacy solution.

Our API is easy to use to create credentials directly from guest management system.

Manage events from everywhere

Showroom, client meeting, product launch... Easily manage special events from your office.


A dedicated event space created automatically on your existing captive portal.

No additional fees

Adjustment of your user licences for free.

Same interface

Create and manage your events from Cloudi-Fi interface.