Engage your visitors and increase your sales

Omni channel strategy

Our marketing experts help retailers to create a complete omnichannel strategy thanks to phygital animations.

Enrich CRM database

Thanks to personalized offers & communication on the WiFi portal, get additional profiles. Export data to existing CRM tools.

Deeper analytics

Evaluate the efficiency of marketing campaigns on all channels and track visitor’s phygital behavior.

Easy-to-use tools

Marketing team is totally autonomous. Cloudi-Fi marketing modules are friendly to use. Easily manage contents and ads on the WiFi portals.

In our digital era, retailers are facing many challenges.

Increasing the foot traffic and the basket value is crucial to survive. Online shopping use the knowledge of consumers to propose a good deal with the best timing. This relies on various technology which are all related to the capability to recognize and retarget the consumer. The wide adoption of smartphones now brings the digital footprint of the consumer into the stores.

What if there is a bridge between smartphone and your digital strategy?

Get Cloudi-Fi

Cloudi-Fi Marketing Tools give you the metrics to better engage with your customers

99% Impression rate
+28% Conversion rate
+2000 New contacts per month
+57% Returning phygital visitors