Collect valuable data and drive phygital initiatives

No hardware

Repurpose the existing WiFi. No need to have additional hardware. Save money for all your sites worldwide.

Security & Compliance

Extensive security is applied (from URL filtering to advanced content filtering). Cloudi-Fi solution is compliant with local regulations.

Better client experience

Offer a unique experience with exclusive offers (order your usual meal, get custom discount, lottery...).


Collect valuable data and get revenue with your WiFi portal. Value impressions and clicks with local actors.

WiFi is the 2nd most important request in hotels after the quality of the matress. Some sites or comments regularly comment the quality of the WiFi.

Enhance the customer journey and offer qualitative WiFi.

Get Cloudi-Fi

Cloudi-Fi solution brings digital to your sites and helps to grow your business

+12% new members of loyalty program
73% of customers are more satisfied with Cloudi-Fi services
+26% of visits