Cloudi-Fi and Zscaler: An innovative technological partnership for Wi-Fi


The genesis of Cloudi-Fi began in 2014 with a strategic technological partnership with Zscaler. Zscaler has brought up an innovative cloud based security platform on the market disrupting the legacy vendors. However at Cloudi-Fi, we believe that the underlying Zscaler cloud technology can be leveraged to democratise additional cloud based services in markets other than security.

The rise of mobiles, tablets, laptops and IOT demands a strong network connectivity. However the longstanding complexity of Wi-Fi deployments and Internet access sharing has greatly reduced the footprint at a global scale. In addition this commodity is costly and can be challenging to demonstrate ROI.

Cloudi-Fi, in partnership with Zscaler has built a unique solution to simplify Wi-Fi deployments in the world for all verticals. It solves the architecture, security and compliance issues while delivering innovative services.

Your digital transformation is in good hands: safe, easy and affordable.

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