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How to avoid your employees to use the wireless guest service?

How to avoid your employees to use the wireless guest service? When designing wireless services, I.T departments usually create one service/SSID for employees and one...

5 Key points to unlock Guest WiFi

5 key points to unlock guest wifi You have deployed your Wireless infrastructure for your employees and your are considering enabling a guest SSID for people visiting...

Do you need to launch a mobile app?

Do you need to launch a mobile app? Saying that mobile is more and more used won’t change your life. But did you know that 66% of the global population (source :...

Export Hotspot Data

When deploying an hotspot solution, your company may consider to export the data generated to your internal application. In this article I will describe some examples of technical manner to implement data export.







Multiple needs –

One complete guest Wi-Fi solution

We used to have a guest Wi-Fi as a commodity solutions for our visitors. Now we have an international guest Wi-Fi which totally suits our branding and generates value. Cloudi-Fi Creative Lab Team assisted our marketing teams to make this possible

CMO of a large retail brand

We are really happy with the Cloudi-Fi solution. Thanks to the team, we were able to offer a guest Wi-Fi in our stores all around the world. Before it was difficult to maintain different solutions.

CTO of Retail Group Company (1000+ stores)

At the beginning I was quite surprised to see how fast Cloudi-Fi was deploying their solution. Now I’m confident in their expertise and the service just rocks!

MIS Project Manager of luxury group

We were using Zscaler to secure our employees. However we were looking for the same security services for the devices which could not connect to the corporate network (guests, BYOD, IOT..). We were happy to discover a solution which could allow us to add authentication layers on top of Zscaler services.

Fortune 500 IT manager

They have tried, they adopted us…