Providing Internet access from different buildings in various countries to employees, visitors or customers is challenging for a company and will raise technical complexity.

Cloudi-Fi brings you a unique service to address all the requirements at once (compliance, security, service to the guest and marketing services for hotspots).

Besides Cloudi-Fi uses a unique and innovative deployment which will work in any customer ecosystem without any addition of devices.



Guest Wi-Fi solutions are bound to a Wi-Fi vendor or require to deploy additional hardware or software. This is particularly challenging for multinational companies.

Cloudi-Fi services are enabled without any LAN/Wi-Fi configuration. The solution is totally agnostic of the existing Wi-Fi infrastructure. There is also no addition of software or hardware. It is a unique configuration on the existing Internet firewall / router.

All sites around the world are managed with one administration interface.

Cloud guest wifi

To summarize:

cloud guest wifi

Zero LAN configuration

Wifi cost saving

Cost saving

International guest wifi

International deployment

autonomous guest wifi

Autonomous management