Bring your ideas to life

Our core services have been designed so that customers and partners are totally autonomous. However our Creative Lab team, composed of complementary experts, is dedicated to assist customers if needed.

At Cloudi-Fi we do not only build and maintain a technology, we want to make sure customers are making the most value out of it. Your success is our success.

design wifi

Design & Code

We help customers to design and code personalized captive portal, landing pages and marketing campaigns. Your digital communication is critical and Cloudi-Fi Creative Lab team can relieve marketing team from any complex implementation.

wifi best practices

Best Practices

Thanks to our growing customer community, the Creative Lab team has a real knowledge of the best practices for each market: corporate, retail, luxury, hotels and hospitals. They are aware of the capability and trends of specific verticals.

wifi strategy


The Creative Lab give you all necessary tools, including smart reporting, to allow marketing department to use store Wi-Fi as a new channel being part of the marketing and image strategy. We assist you on defining your marketing campaigns.

creative lab

If you are interested in Creative, please feel free to request the datasheet. 

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