Guest WiFi in China


Cloudi-Fi can rely on 50 international data centers to offer the best quality for its guest Wi-Fi service. Until now, China was a complex market because of its regulation. But in 2018, we are very proud to say that we are the only one to offer a cloud guest wi-fi solution all around the world and especially in China.

Mobile market

China is now becoming one of the largest markets as business strategy is concerned. Chinese market is huge and is very keen on technology and the mobile is everywhere.
In 2017, there were 724 million mobiles users which represented more than 96% of all internet users in China (source: CNNIC).


China’s mobile infrastructure is improving dramatically each year. 4G represented 25% of internet connexion in 2017. However, it is still limited by a high data cost: 1MB of data costs $1.13 whereas the average monthly salary is $886 (source: Bloomberg). That’s why, using WI-FI to access Internet is still very common: almost 72% of internet users.


Regarding the Chinese context, any company would be tempted to embark on the mobile journey. However, there are lots of barriers for companies (providers, brands, retailers…) who want to enter this market. Indeed, it’s mandatory to work with a provider who has been certified by one of the Chinese regions. Moreover you can access to Internet only from China. 

We chose to partner with CBCcom. CBCcom and Cloudi-Fi can now provide an efficient guest Wi-Fi solution in total compliance with China regulation.

Guest wi-fi & marketing

Besides being compliant with local regulations we can customize portals to Chinese requirements. Different authentication modes can be set such as using social networks like WeChat or using Mobile Number.

Our Marketing Modules will let you collect Chinese social networks profiles while ensuring marketing teams are provided with collaborative global campaigns.

Guest WiFi in China