Turn Internet connectivity into a profit center

No hardware

Repurpose the existing infrastructure. No need to have additional hardware. Save money for sites all around the world.

Security & Compliance

Extensive security is applied (from URL filtering to advanced content filtering). The Cloudi-Fi solution is compliant with local regulations.

Better client experience

Offer a unique experience with exclusive offers (order your usual meal, get a custom discount, lottery...).


Collect valuable data and get revenue with the captive portal. Value impressions and clicks with local actors.

WiFi is the 2nd most important request in hotels after the quality of the matress.

On referral or reservation sites, 1 in 3 comments mention the quality of WiFi.

Enhance the customer journey and offer a qualitative and secure Internet access.

Get Cloudi-Fi

Sync with existing PMS

Simplify the digital ecosystem
The existing digital ecosystem directly available on the Cloudi-Fi platform. Gather all guests’ data and campaign analytics in existing marketing tools.

Create an inclusive experience

Promote VIP services on guests’ favorite channels
Create automations based on the phygital behavior of visitors as soon as they arrive in the hotel. Customize and send campaigns on their preferred communication channels.

Improve the ranking

Use surveys at the best time
Whether it's during their stay or just after their departure, have guests automatically evaluate their experience. The results can be synchronized directly with the Google page, Booking, Trip Advisor...

Monetize advertising spaces

Promote local actors
Thanks to our campaign module, easily monetize advertising inserts on the captive portal. Charge according to pre-defined KPIs: impression rate, click rate...

Discover how to easily animate this new communication channel

The Cloudi-Fi solution brings digital to hotels and helps to grow businesses

86% of people say they would consider staying longer for their next visit if the qualitative WiFi remained the same
73% of customers are more satisfied with Cloudi-fi services
3% of revenue thanks to local monetization