With our Marketing tools and the Creative Lab team, set up your omnichannel communication strategy

Interact directly with customers with their favorite media and phygitally convert them.

Get Cloudi-Fi

5 ways to talk to your visitors


Use advanced email marketing features and send smart and personalised emails. Create original campaigns and automate your marketing actions and paths.


This is a good way to reach customers even if they’re out of your stores. Personalise texts and automatically send them depending on customers’ behaviours. SMS can also be scheduled.


What a better moment to interact with your customers while they are visiting your website? Personalised & interactive messages will help you to convert your visitors online or on-site.


Thanks to the WiFi, you can go further & send personalised communication on your WiFi portal, your marketing page or any web page. Customer on-site will be able to get your personalized digital campaigns

Facebook Custom Audiences

With our Marketing Module and automation feature you can add customers and visitors to your Facebook Ads Custom Audiences. Keep a consistent and updated messages with your customer’s lifecycle across email, Facebook ads, on-site...