Phygital Retargeting

Increase your traffic into your stores


Phygital retargeting? What is it about? When you have to deal with a new concept. The easier is to go step by step. Let’s start by defining the key words.

Phygital: is a marketing strategy combining physical and digital concepts. In our case, a phygital strategy is about sustaining your point of sale while integrating digital tools and methods. Any phygital strategy has the goal to enhance the customer experience in the point of sale.

Retargeting: in common definitions, retargeting consists on targeting a prospect who visited your website but who did not convert, for instance he did not buy. The same prospect will receive advertising/message regarding his interests later on, either anonymously through targeted ads or in person if he is known and has opted in for such marketing. For the common people, it’s only about online and e-commerce strategies.

At Cloudi-Fi, we do believe that there is no longer boundary between your digital and physical strategies. That’s why it’s crucial to be able to adapt quickly your marketing actions with a 360 knowledge of your customers.

As time goes by the retail traffic is dropping down to the benefit of online sales. So, how to attract your customer into your point of sale? How to use the power of online digital ads to increase your traffic into your stores?

Leverage your existing Wi-Fi infrastructure to propose marketing services to your guests. This is an Over-The-Top service which do not need physical installation.

Incentive your visitors to connect (just once) to your Wi-Fi. Cloudi-Fi Creative Lab helps his customers to build the best retail strategy (rewarding actions, loyalty program, communication tips, product description…)

Deploy on all your stores to have a global marketing approach. Easily manage all your marketing (eventually local) campaigns from one unique interface.

Integrate Cloudi-Fi SDK to your website to complete your customer knowledge and better interact with him.

You have now a better view of your clients for sending them the right message. Thanks to our marketing modules, you can create personalised interactions… Whatever their behaviours and actions, online or in your store, you are now able to interact phygitally with them and bring them back to your stores.

Empower your physical stores with Cloudi-Fi services!