You need an Internet access for your visitors? Wether you are looking for a commodity service, or to communicate directly with your visitors. A guest Wi-Fi can be used to promote your latest product, push your app, enhance the customer experience, engage your clients… Wi-Fi is available before Google or any website and you should be able to leverage that when providing the service to your guests!


The basic requirement is to offer a guest Wi-Fi, secure and compliant with any local regulation. Once this is compliant you can focus on leveraging your Wi-Fi as an advanced marketing tool:

– Collect your customer digital identities for personalised and automated marketing

– Promote with personalised campaign directly on the Wi-Fi captive portal

– Establish bridges between your online and on premise marketing campaigns

Starting from customer need is our priority. Everyday Cloudi-Fi enhances his solution to fulfil customer needs and market trends. Recent top notch technology allows to uncover new ways to reconcile online and on premise marketing with digital.


One platform fits all when universal. Our foundation is to use only standards (no mobile app or specific hardware). Nevertheless each customer has various needs and requirements. It is important to propose a flexible and customisable solution. Cloudi-Fi understands marketing team needs and deliver a great experience with the use of incredible modules to reach goals. Fully autonomous or with the help of our Creative Lab Team, it’s up to you!


We are not only a provider, we want to be a partner. Going digital is critical in the survival of legacy brands but is also a great opportunity to grow. We want to assist our customers and share the value with you only in case of success. Financially risk free! Checkout our innovative pricing and ask a quote.