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Mobile advertising for Retails

In our new digital era, retailers are facing many challenges. Increasing the foot traffic and the basket value is crucial to survive. eCommerce vendors abuse of digital agility to make sure that consumers buy more online. But what makes an online shopper so special? Is there really any specific value in online consumption that a physical retailer could not use?

Online shopping use the knowledge of consumers to propose a good deal with the best timing. This relies on various technology which are all related to the capability to recognize and retarget the consumer. Initially eCommerce rise was relying on computers however the wide adoption of smartphones now brings the digital footprint of the consumer into the stores. Is there still any technological difference between a physical store and an e-shop? What if there is a bridge between the smartphone and your digital strategy?

80% of visitors use their mobile in store. This “screen addiction” is a real asset for the physical stores. The stakes of this “new” behavior are well established and any legacy digital strategy will involve the development of mobile applications. Is that really profitable ? Most of the mobile apps have a poor conversion rate, and then usage rate. This hardly increase the basket revenue. What if a new clientless technology would increase the foot traffic in store?

The survival of physical Stores

4 Key words to keep in mind for a successful phygital strategy:

  • Acquire data from your visitors
  • Retarget them with omnichannel campaigns
  • Expand to similar profiles
  • Recognize your visitor when he comes back
Mobile Advertising Strategy

Thanks to an omnichannel strategy and the Bridgital solution engage your clients personally and phygitally (in-store, mobile and online) before they make any purchase.

ZERO Cost Solution

Mobile Advertising Cost

Bridgital is Cloudi-Fi’s mobile advertising solution that bridges retailers and brands digital communication directly to customers. No mobile app is needed and the solution works on all existing Wi-Fi without the need to install any hardware or software. Bridgital is based on a shared revenue model where the new advertising capability will pay for the service and generate new revenue for the retailers. It is a pure digital business model with the strength of the physical world.


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